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Alumni Spotlight - Clark Souers ('94)


Current City: La Crescenta, CA

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Graduation Year: 1994

Major: Business Administration

Occupation: Owner

Organization: EXPERT EFFECT

Who influenced you most during your time at Pepperdine? Andy Benton (former President). I truly admire him as a leader. He consistently showed up in a humble yet powerful and courageous manner. Truly caring about us as students and then alumni. Extremely open to innovative ideas.

Share your best college memory: As President of a Pepperdine affiliated honor society, I helped organize an event entitled Project College. We partnered with a middle school in South Central LA for a semester long mentoring program with the mission of increasing the excitement level of the students regarding the possibility of attending college as a potential life path. The program concluded with a field trip to the Malibu campus where students experienced a glimpse of a science lab, dorm life, campus TV station and sports team practices. I truly believe this extracurricular opportunity planted the seed for me launching my first mission focused entrepreneurial adventure years later (LIFE REVOLUTION) which led to me founding EXPERT EFFECT.


What advice do you have for current students who want to make the most out of their experience at Pepperdine? Intentionally pace yourself not only throughout your entire Pepperdine experience but on a daily basis. Pepperdine provides students with a plethora of exciting opportunities for extracurricular activities but a crucial component of the educational experience is learning to set boundaries and develop patterns for thriving in life.

Describe Pepperdine in three words: community, excellence, and passion.

What is your greatest professional accomplishment as of now? If you don't have any just yet, then what major goals are you working toward? Launching EXPERT EFFECT and witnessing the incredible impact our Team of EXPERTS are having on companies and high performers.