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Pepperdine Sweethearts are married couples who both attended Pepperdine. These couples share special memories and experiences that connect them back to Pepperdine in a unique way.

We asked alumni to share how they met and here are their stories.

"I actually saw him [Nathan St. Cyr ('95)] the very first day I stepped foot on campus. I was unloading all my belongings from my truck as Nate was walking down dorm row. He waved and said "Hi". One day, I was looking for one of my other friends, and passed by his open door and said "Hi." We started chatting, and I noticed his football jersey hanging on the wall, with the"St. Cyr" side facing out. I said, "Wow! Awesome last name!"

"Be careful, I might just have to marry you for it!", he responded. I think I had literally said maybe five words to him before this encounter and I remember feeling like something shifted. I can't really explain it, and don't want to sound too eccentric or "universe-y" but I truly felt an unusual connection from that very first moment.
Nature stepped in and brought heavy rains and mudslides, which led to closing school for a week. I, being from Maui, and he from Minnesota, were relegated to the dorms, while many of students went home. We had a chance to really spend time together and get to know each other, and the rest is history."
- Tia Anderson St. Cyr ('95)



"My decision to attend Pepperdine was one of the best of my life. I got a great education, made enduring friendships, had amazing life experiences and met my wife [Dawn Asis ('97)] in my senior year. I'm blessed with so much and know God was looking out for me when I prayed about where I should continue my education. Roll Waves!"
- Christian Asis ('95)

"Daniel and I met our first week at Pepperdine at a little event you may know called "My Tie". We bonded over strawberry smoothies and President Benton's band playing "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World. We dated all four years of college, which included a lot of travel and Skyping; we both studied abroad in different international programs our sophomore year (me in Lausanne, him in Heidelberg), plus Daniel's family lived in Japan and he went back every summer and Christmas break. We decided we wanted to stop the time zone calculating once and for all, and got engaged our last week of college on the Santa Monica Pier, where we had one of our first dates. We have been married and living in Santa Monica for almost 5 years." 
- Shannon Clark ('11)

Shannon and Daniel Clark


"I loved my time at Pepperdine! My husband [Chris Geiger ('06)] was a Sigma Chi and I was a Delta Gamma. Our fraternity and sorority did many things together. We had many mutual friends which led to us meeting each other. We started dating in 2004, my sophomore year and his junior year. We got married in 2008 and now have two wonderful little boys. Our Pepperdine years are some of my most memorable! We hope one day our boys will get to experience Pepperdine too!"  
- Shannon Geiger ('06)

"Brian and I started dating my freshman/his sophomore year at Seaver. We then learned from our families that we were the third generation of Himes and Dilbecks to attend Pepperdine together. After two generations of unrequited love before us, we finally got our families together. Our first date was on Valentine's Day. Celebrating our 16th Valentine's together today!"  
- Erin Dilbeck Himes ('04)



"I met Luke Love ('00) during RLO training; he was a head RA and I was an SA. We started dating just before he graduated and just before I left for Florence for the summer. He sent me real love letters while I was there! We married at Malibu Pres in 2002, went to grad school together, and now we have a future Wave!"    
- Jill Winquist Love ('02)

"I guess Lovernich is an appropriate name because that's where we first met. Mutual friends drew us together, but the proximity of our apartments made it easy to get to know each other (even though Brittany wasn't looking for a relationship.) Persistance, however, is key and a stubbornly confident Alex managed to win over a curiously reluctant Brittany with a little humor, charm, and a lot of text messages."    
- Alex Skinner ('09)