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Emily Branch

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Emily Branch, from North Carolina, is an interdisciplinary artist with a background inabstract landscape paintings and genre scenes. Her works explore relationships between communities, visual representation of outdoor spaces, and human sciences. One of her capstone projects include the "Movement" [Ripples] series (2012-2014), which she began during her senior year at Pepperdine. During her studies in the Los Angeles area and abroad, she brought her practice to a variety of venues; facilitating art with United Cerebral Palsy, teaching at a juvenile delinquent camp, and collaboratively painting at mural with a low-income school in Ecuador. Bringing Pepperdine's service mission to her graduate studies in North Carolina, Branch recently completed a thesis project, "Leaving Leaves--Between Seasons" (2014-2016), to create therapeutic opportunities through landscape paintings and a participatory installation.

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