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Welcome to the Communication Division

Do you want to change the world? Here's what a knowledgeable, skilled, ethically competent communicator can do:

  • Tell stories in print, video, film and online that educate and inspire
  • Uncover crime, corruption and injustice and indirectly affect laws and policies
  • Help families cope with the pain of divorce, miscommunication and abuse
  • Assist people in understanding cultural differences, and sometimes help prevent conflict and war
  • Help organizations and businesses improve their name recognition and profitability while acting in an ethical manner
  • Sensitize politicians, business leaders and culture creators to better understand the context and subtleties of messages and thus help facilitate persuasion and change
  • Become a problem-solving politician, journalist, public relations or advertising executive, attorney, teacher, producer, web designer, counselor, human resources expert…just to name a few careers open to communication majors

Feel free to browse our pages to learn more about how you can join our students and faculty in preparing to change the world.