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Organizational Communication Sequence

In today's environment, organizations face challenges of increasing reliance on technology, merging industries, issues of sustainability, and international globalization. This creates greater needs for organizational members to respond with creativity and learning, ethics and social responsibility, and balanced approaches to uncertainty and complexity. Organizational communication majors learn how to communicate effectively, creatively, and mindfully in this setting.

Students learn how to write clear business memos and reports, present persuasive corporate presentations, participate in and lead team discussion and decision making, manage organizational conflict, shape leadership initiatives, cultivate organizational culture, develop systems that fulfill mission statements, analyze communication effectiveness, conduct training and development, and create organizational change. Our focus at Pepperdine is to create people who will become positive change agents for every conceivable type of organization.

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Our experiential learning opportunities encourage you to learn as you experience the "real world." This experience not only looks great on a resume, but also puts you ahead of other students when competing for similar jobs.

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Students from all different majors at Seaver College participate in our extracurricular activities, combining their natural talents with their dedication and outstanding work ethics to refine their craft and become proud representatives of their particular programs. We are proud to highlight our wonderful student leaders and showcase their work and dedication to our programs.

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Internship programs permit journalism, organizational communication, public relations, and telecommunication students to work in a professional capacity with newspapers, radio and television stations, advertising and public relations agencies, all while analyzing with industrial concerns. Students gain field experience at the same time as, and as a part of, their academic training.

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Thousands of successful professionals and civic leaders have earned degrees from the Communication Division at Seaver College. Learn about our honor societies and a few notable Pepperdine alumni who are making a difference.

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