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Communication Major at Pepperdine University

Seaver College's major in communication prepares students to excel as communicators, whether in the domestic professional sphere, the non-profit sector, or the international business world. Our program teaches students about the related contexts, modes, and media necessary to studying and understanding the process of communication.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Students majoring in communication choose between four sequences:

Minors in Communication

Minor in Rhetoric and Leadership

Our rhetoric and leadership minor prepares students to be leaders in the community, politics, law, business, church, and more. We focus on learning to craft, create, and deliver persuasive messages to audiences. Students develop a diverse set of skills that enable them to seek careers in the nonprofit sector, business, religion, education, government, and law.

Minor in Speech Communication

Our speech communication minor is for students who realize that their future success as a leader, regardless of their career choice, depends on compelling spoken and written messages that educate and inspire audiences. Our students move beyond the basic introduction to speech-making and audience analysis to a deeper understanding of context, history, and rhetorical invention.

Student Opportunities

Real World Experiences

At Pepperdine we don't just talk about communication; we provide you an opportunity to practice what you're learning. You can begin this learning your freshman year.

Each semester our communication majors write, direct, and produce entertainment television programs in our media and film production studio. Other students host radio programs, compete on our debate team, and participate in writing, editing, and designing our weekly print newspaper and daily online newspaper.

Our experiential learning opportunities encourage you to learn as you experience the "real world." This is experience that not only looks great on a resume, but also puts you ahead of other students when competing for similar jobs.

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Outstanding Student Leaders

Students from all different majors at Seaver College participate in our extracurricular activities, combining their natural talents with their dedication and outstanding work ethics to refine their craft and become proud representatives of their particular programs. We are proud to highlight our wonderful student leaders and showcase their work and dedication to our programs.

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Internship programs permit advertising, journalism, organizational communication, public relations, and telecommunication majors to work in a professional capacity with newspapers, radio and television stations, advertising and public relations agencies, and also with industrial concerns. Students gain field experience at the same time as, and as a part of their academic training.

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Thousands of successful professionals and civic leaders have studied Communication at Seaver College. Learn about our Honor Societies and a few notable Pepperdine alumni who are making a difference.

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