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Communication Division


Advertising Major

Advertising is one of the most important ways companies and organizations inform the public about opportunities to purchase products, support nonprofit organizations and make important life decisions.  Advertising majors study a variety of subjects including creative copy writing and multi-media design, media planning and buying, research and how to manage people and campaigns.

Pepperdine is one of a handful of universities nationwide to offer an extensive program of courses in advertising.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe and analyze the relevant theories, practices, legal issues and ethical challenges in the fields of advertising and marketing communication.
  2. Design effective visual communication for various advertising approaches that combine the use of print, online and other multi-media communication.
  3. Develop, integrate, and defend communication strategies in an advertising project(s).
  4. Develop advertising media buying and planning strategies.


Although the information below is excerpted from the Seaver catalog this is not an official binding document. To view the actual catalog visit