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Communication Division

Media Production

Media Production Major (Formerly Telecommunications Production)

Everyone tells stories. Storytelling, in fact, is the most common and effective way of conveying information from one person to another, and from one group of people to another group of people.  Today professional communicators, those who want to change society through information and entertainment, need to rely on a large team of technical experts in writing, sound, camera usage, editing and web design to maximize the effectiveness of their story.

At Pepperdine, we expose students to a variety of ways to use technology ethically to better communicate with audiences.

Media Production 

Student Learning Outcomes

A media production graduate can:

1. Develop and identify major theoretical, business, legal, social, ethical, and technological shifts in media.

2. Research, develop and write stories using diverse sources targeting a variety of diverse audiences reached through a variety of media technologies.

3. Produce, direct, shoot and edit original media on location and in the studio.

4. Evaluate media for creativity, continuity, technical qualities, and emotional and social impact.

5. Develop and apply processes and ideals useful in making ethical choices.

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Course Requirements