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Chemistry Major

Chemistry majors wear gloves and goggles to work with chemicals - Chemistry Degree

The Seaver College chemistry degree program is committed to providing chemistry majors a modern, rigorous, and dynamic chemistry education that stimulates and encourages scholarship of discovery. Graduates in chemistry have many options including graduate school, medical and other health-related schools, jobs in industry, and science education.

The chemistry program is approved by the American Chemistry Society (ACS) and is one of only 43 certified programs in the state of California. ACS approved institutions offer a broadly based and rigorous intellectual experience in chemistry that is nationally recognized. Students completing a baccalaureate degree that meets the ACS guidelines will receive an ACS-certified degree.

The bachelor of science degree (both the standard sequence and biochemistry emphases) include the coursework and experience necessary to satisfy requirements for ACS certification. For example, students completing the bachelor of science degree with biochemistry emphasis could say they have been awarded with an ACS-certified chemistry degree with a biochemistry emphasis.

Chemistry Degrees

  • Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry: Although this degree provides options for the same degree tracks (standard and biochemistry) as that seen for the bachelor of science degree in chemistry, students are provided more flexibility in their pursuit of a liberal arts education. Students seeking either a double major or admission to a health-related program are accommodated with this major.
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry: Students seeking this degree receive more in depth exposure to advanced mathematics, chemistry, and physics. This option benefits students interested in health professional careers or graduate degrees in chemistry. Many of the chemistry majors in this program actively participate in undergraduate research that eventually leads to graduate school.

Chemistry Minor

Many of our biology and sports medicine majors take six courses in chemistry. Our minor accommodates these students by requiring only two additional courses.

Beyond Classes

Natural Science Division Seminar Series

Our Division hosts a seminar series for our undergraduate majors and minors, as well as the greater Pepperdine community.

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Marine Biology at Pepperdine University

Seaver College offers a range of courses in marine biology. Our Malibu location is within five minutes of a variety of marine habitats in the Pacific Ocean, such as rocky intertidal and lagoonal sites. Laboratory facilities include marine aquaria, and equipment for physiological, ecological, and molecular research on marine organisms.

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Recommended International Study

The experiences of a summer study program and overseas travel provide an essential dimension of a unique liberal arts education. For students in the Natural Science Division, we often recommend summer study abroad experiences for scheduling reasons.

Our international programs are designed to provide all students—regardless of major—the opportunity to study, live, and travel overseas without interrupting other studies or postponing a career. This offers students a unique opportunity to gain both an academic and a personal understanding of other cultures, institutions, and languages. Learn more and check out the Summer Special Interest Programs.

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Math Tutoring

The math department offers free tutoring for MATH 103, 104, 140, 141, 150, 151, and 250. Tutoring sessions are held Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings in RAC 138 from 7 to 9 PM.

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Secondary Teaching Credential

Students who plan to teach science in secondary schools should complete the requirements for the bachelor of arts degree and a California Teaching Credential.

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Frank R. Seaver Chair of Natural Science and biology professor Karen Martin is the executive director of Grunion.Org. Learn more about her work and research, explore the website, and join the group of scientists, community members, environmental organizations, surfers, and beach workers dedicated to a better understanding of the habits and habitats of beach-spawning grunion, Leuresthes tenuis.

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