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Minor in Women's Studies

Women's Studies

Our women's studies minor helps students to reshape their thinking about culture and societies. We offer feminist perspectives that uncover the dynamics of both masculine and feminine gender. With gender as a primary category of analysis to study social roles, faith and religion, institutions, and activism, our program highlights diversity. Our women's studies connects the personal with the political and provides students with unique opportunities to create academic, spiritual, and community leadership roles and work for social justice.

Women's studies is an interdisciplinary field that attracts scholars who want to learn collaboratively in a supportive environment.

Our students:

  • Engage challenging new ideas.
  • Join in lively peer discussions.
  • Focus on the diverse experiences of many cultures.
  • Develop skills in communication and critical thinking.

Our Program

Preparation for Life

An awareness of gender issues, crucial for many occupations and careers (law, business, medicine, teaching, and management).

An Interdisciplinary Program

Student acquire the analytical framework necessary to explore the significance of gender in society, in their scholarly pursuits, and in their own lives.

Christian Context at Pepperdine

Our women's studies program facilitates the discussion and analysis of gender and religion's intersection in the shaping of ethics, culture, and politics.

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