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Special Circumstances

Appeal Forms

Students and families occasionally experience unforeseen changes and circumstances during the application period and/or academic year (e.g., job loss, illness, etc.). If this applies to you, please read and sign the appropriate appeal form and complete our online application process. Include copies of appropriate supporting documentation for your specific circumstances.

  • Incoming Church of Christ Academic Year Appeal Form – April 1 through April 30.
  • Incoming Student Academic Year Appeal Form – Form will be available May 2 through July 21.
  • Summer Appeal Form – Form will be available May 2 through July 21.
  • General Academic Year Appeal Form – Form will be available August 1 through March 2.

Please note that appeals are only accepted after you have received your financial assistance offer, have accepted all student loans, and completed all financial assistance items in your To Do List on WaveNet. Appeals sent outside of the time frames listed above, without completing the requirements stated above, or prior to receiving a financial assistance award will not be considered.

Re-evaluation of your financial assistance eligibility is subject to federal, state and university policies and regulations, the availability of funds, and adhering to the Appeal Awarding Policies on page 2 of the appeal.

Seniors who need to appeal for an additional semester or year are required to request funding by completing the Fifth Year Senior Appeal Form.

  • Fifth Year Senior Appeal Form – May 2 through December 1.

Please read and follow all instructions. The Fifth Year Appeal Form for the following academic year will not be available until Summer.

Please note that Appeal forms are award year-specific. Any appeals submitted prior to the correct forms' availability will be discarded. Applicants should not submit appeals for prior years.