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Seaver's sociology program teaches our students to pursue the general study of human behavior in social settings. Our students learn how to study social interaction scientifically and analytically. Sociology's subject matter is broad in scope, ranging from the study of institutions like family, religion, school, and government to social problems and social inequalities at both local and global levels.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Our sociology major exposes students to the writings and research of scholars with deep insight into the complexity of human interaction. This exposure helps you to develop a trained eye and mind, while providing the tools to analyze social life with a degree of precision. Our students gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others in a variety of social environments.

Minor in Sociology

Our sociology minor encourages students to examine a wide range of topics, social groups, and social interactions and develop critical analytical skills that are useful for a broad range of professions. Sociology minors explore a variety of courses relevant to their interests.

Possible Minors

Women's Studies Minor

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Our women's studies minor helps students to reshape their thinking about culture and societies. We offer feminist perspectives that uncover the dynamics of both masculine and feminine gender.

Ethnic Studies Minor

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Our ethnic studies minor focuses on the historical experiences, creative expression, and interactions of the various ethnic, racial, religious, and linguistic groups in the United States and other countries.

African American Studies Minor

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We offer an interdisciplinary African American studies minor that provides students with a critical understanding of the historical, social and political thought and experience of African Americans.

Nonprofit Management Minor

Nonprofit Management Minor at Pepperdine

In cooperation with the American Humanics Foundation, Pepperdine University offers a Minor in Nonprofit Management which affords special opportunities for involvement in various non-profit human service organizations.

Social Work Minor

Social Work Minor at Pepperdine

Seaver's minor in social work can be combined with a major in almost any field. Students majoring in sociology or psychology may find a social work minor especially helpful to their career goals. 

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