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Social Work Minor

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Students can combine our minor in social work with a major in almost any field. Those majoring in sociology or psychology may find a social work minor especially helpful to their career goals. Those majoring in such fields as political science, economics, religion, communications may find it equally helpful as well. Our minor offers students a foundation for the study of social work, which is particularly helpful for those interested in pursuing graduate programs in the field.


Faculty from across the College staff our interdisciplinary minors.

Resource for Students

Student Testimonials 

  • "For the first time ever, I felt like I was able to use everything that I have learned in school and life and apply it in a way that has made a difference." -Political science major and social work minor
  • "During my internship I learned to divide my time appropriately, work alongside others, coordinate different departments, schedule meetings and interview those who were applying for services." 
    -Psychology major and social work minor
  • "I have known for awhile that I love working directly with those with disabilities, but I have realized that I also have a desire to be an advocate for those with disabilities." -Psychology major and social work minor

Our Program

Foundations of the Field

Social Work's origins lie in the early twentieth century efforts to meet the needs of poor, neglected children, exploited workers, and other disadvantaged and disabled people. Today, social workers continue to be active in offering professional services to and advocating for those in need. They are employed both in private, nonprofit organizations and in government agencies. Many also offer services as professional consultants or counselors. Other social workers work in the public policy field, designing and advocating public and private programs that address the problems of the needy. Social workers are employed in such fields as child and family service agencies, drug treatment centers, hospitals and hospices, public health departments, social welfare agencies, probation programs, counseling centers, child care centers, and much, much more. More than most professions, social work is closely linked to the University's Christian mission and its motto, "Freely ye received, freely give."

Our Curriculum

Pepperdine University's minor in social work involves two foundational courses in social work, several supplemental psychology or sociology courses, and an internship in the Los Angeles area in an appropriate agency. This curriculum provides students a good, solid foundation for pursuing graduate studies in social work or in securing human services employment directly after graduation.

Our Internship Sites

Internship sites include:

  • Daybreak Shelter for Homeless, Mentally Ill Women
  • Virginia Avenue Park Teen Center
  • Silverado Memory Care Residential Facility
  • OneGeneration Senior Services
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