Ethnic Studies Minor

Ethnic Studies Minor at Pepperdine

Our ethnic studies minor focuses on the historical experiences, creative expression, and interactions of the various ethnic, racial, religious, and linguistic groups in the United States and other countries. The minor prepares students for a career in law, government, political activism, social work, or journalism and for graduate study in comparative or multicultural literature, American history, sociology, political science, urban planning, or public policy.


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Student Opportunities

Washington, D.C. Program

Various special academic opportunities, including the internship program, provide for supervised fieldwork in political campaigns, mental health agencies, correctional agencies, and business and research institutions. Examples of internships open to qualified upper division students include the Washington, D.C. Program and the Sacramento Legislative Seminar.

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Recommended International Study

The Social Science Division strongly encourages students to study abroad through Pepperdine's International Programs. These programs are an excellent way to gain overseas experience and make rapid progress in fulfilling the language requirement for the major.

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Internship Opportunities

We encourage students to gain practical experience in some area of international studies through an internship. Pepperdine's Career Services offers local internship opportunities and International Program's Washington, DC Program also offers study and internship opportunities in the nation's capital. In addition to the federal government, a number of international organizations are based or have major branches in the city.

Pre-Law Emphasis

Many students who major in one of the social sciences—economics, political science, psychology, or sociology—use their social science degree as a springboard for gaining admission to law school and pursuing a legal career. Since gaining admission to law school does not require undergraduates to pursue a rigid, highly structured course of study, many students are left with questions about how best to prepare for legal studies. 

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