Important Checklist Items

Each semester, the happiest new students are those who arrive prepared, allowing them to relax, make new friends, and truly enjoy the New Student Orientation (NSO) process. Please be sure to review these action items carefully, so you are prepared for orientation.

Time-Sensitive Items

Due Date and Action Required Contact Department Links

November 1, 2015

On-time application deadline for disability accommodations and residency exemption requests.

November 2, 2015

Spring 2016 housing application process opens.

Housing and Residence Life

Questions about housing? Contact the Housing Office at (310) 506-7586. E-mail

Request Campus Housing

December 1, 2015

Incoming students who studied French, German, or Spanish in high school, have no college credits in the language, and plan to continue their studies in that language within the next 2 semesters are required to take a language placement exam.

International Studies & Languages

Placement Exam questions? Contact Larry Levy at (310) 506-6735. E-mail

Complete Language Placement Exam

December 1, 2015

Any student who is not a U.S. citizen or who does not have a Permanent Resident Visa (U.S. "Green Card") must submit the International Student Data Form and any necessary attachments. 

If you already have a valid F-1 Visa and are transferring from another U.S. school, please also submit the Certificate of Transfer Eligibility Form.

To receive an I-20 in order to apply for or renew an F-1 (student) Visa, please see the undergraduate Newly Admitted I-20 Checklist. 

Office of International Student Services

Print and complete the required documents, then scan and e-mail them with any attachments.

For questions, or if you are having difficulty sending documents by e-mail, please call or submit by fax to:

+1 (310) 506-4246 (phone)
+1 (310) 506-7403 (fax)


Newly Admitted I-20 Checklist

December 1, 2015

Review Pepperdine's Student Records Policy & FERPA Guidelines before setting up Guest Access.


Guest Access questions? Contact OneStop at (310) 506-7999. E-mail

Guest Access Information

Student Records Policy

December 6, 2015

Register for New Student Orientation (NSO). Parents can register anytime. We will accept cash or check on move in day.

Student Activities

NSO questions? Contact Student Activities at (310) 506-4201. E-mail

Register Now

December 7, 2015

All new students must complete the Health History Form and provide proof of up-to-date immunizations by the deadline date.

Health Center

Health History Form questions? Contact the Health Center at (310) 506-4316, prompt 3.

Submit Health History Form

December 8, 2015

Incoming students whose major or academic plan requires Calculus must take the Calculus Readiness Exam.

See the mathematics placement website to determine whether or not your major or academic plan requires the Calculus Readiness Exam. If you are transferring credit for College Algebra, you do not need to take the Calculus Readiness Exam.

Mathematics Program

Questions about the Calculus Readiness Exam? Contact Dr. Timothy Lucas at (310) 506-4479. E-mail

Take Calculus Readiness Exam or View Mathematics Placement Website

December 15, 2015

Priority deadline to accept/decline your financial aid awards and submit financial aid documents requested in your To Do List. Your To Do List is located in your Student Services Center in WaveNet.

Check your To Do List and your Pepperdine e-mail account on a regular basis.

Financial Assistance

Questions regarding financial assistance? Contact the Office of Financial Assistance at (310) 506-4301. E-mail

Accept/Decline financial aid award instructions

Financial Assistance Website

January 4, 2016

Complete On-Line Alcohol Education Program: MyStudentBody.

Counseling Center

Alcohol education program questions? Contact the Counseling Center at (310) 506-4210. E-mail

MyStudentBody-Alcohol Instructions

January 4, 2016

If you are bringing a vehicle, register it before arriving on campus and have your permit sent to your on-campus mailbox.

Public Safety

Vehicle registration questions?  Contact Kirsten Clark at (310) 506-4700. E-mail

Register Your Vehicle

January 4, 2016

Review the Student Handbook.

Student Affairs

Student handbook questions? Contact  the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Student Affairs Office at (310) 506-4472.

Review Student Handbook

January 11, 2016

Incoming first-year students* should complete the First-Year Seminar Vocation readings and writing assignment.

*Does not apply to students with 30+ transfer units taken at another college.

Center for Faith and Learning

Pepperdine University 24255 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, CA 90263-4141

Contact Stephanie Cupp at
(310) 506-4141. E-mail

Access the readings

January 11, 2016

Review payment options and make your selection online through the Student Center.

Student Accounts

Payment option questions? Contact Student Accounts at (310) 506-8000. E-mail

View Payment Options

Student Accounts website

February 3, 2016

All new students must submit the electronic health insurance waiver by the deadline date. Please review the Pepperdine insurance requirements.

Health Insurance Mandate

Student health insurance questions? Contact Wells Fargo at (800) 853-5899.

Review Health Insurance Mandate

Submit Health Insurance Waiver

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