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Asian Studies

Our Program

The Asian Studies program at Pepperdine has been designed to help Seaver students learn about one of the most economically dynamic, historically fascinating, and culturally rich regions of the world. Our program offers a wide variety of courses—language, history, religion, and art—so that the student can fully explore and learn about the civilizations of Asia, with special focus on the civilization of East Asia.

Students wishing to intensively focus on the study of Asia can choose among the following academic courses of study: the International Studies major, Asian Studies concentration; the Asian Studies minor; and Chinese and Japanese languages.

In addition to these specialized courses of study, the program also provides a range of courses which fulfill the general education requirement for the study of World Civilizations.

Finally, the Asian Studies program contributes to and supports the Shanghai International Program, for those students who seek a more immersive learning experience in Asian cultures.

Asian Studies Minor

The Asian Studies minor provides a grounding in the study of the civilization of East Asia, offering courses in the languages and cultures of the different nations which constitute East Asia. The faculty teaching the courses are authorities in the fields of the history, literature and art of China and Japan. 


Washington, D.C. Program

Pepperdine students at the White House

Various special academic opportunities, including the internship program, provide for supervised fieldwork in political campaigns, mental health agencies, correctional agencies, and business and research institutions. 

International Programs

three Pepperdine students at Stonehenge

More than 60% of students participate in one of Pepperdine's International Programs and they often cite it as one of the highlights of their four years at Seaver College.

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