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Welcome to the International Studies & Languages Home

The International Studies and Languages Division comprises International Studies, Modern Languages, and Asian Studies. The aim of ISL is to foster international inquiry among Seaver College students and faculty through curriculum, forums, and residential programs abroad.

From the Chairperson:

Thank you for your interest in the International Studies and Languages Division. We aspire to create a community where the skills, ideas, and perceptions of cultures and languages other than our own are critically studied, understood, and shared from a Christian perspective.

Individually, we desire to be human beings who are more aware of our faith and purpose. Collectively, we seek to teach, model, and learn in order to be and to become better world citizens. In addition, we want to be accountable and to hold others in our community accountable so that each of us fulfill our potential to serve, both locally and globally.

Welcome to our virtual home. We invite you to explore it and learn more about International Studies and Languages at Pepperdine. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Paul Begin, Chair, International Studies and Languages