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Humanities & Teacher Education

Film Studies Overview

Film is one of the dominant art forms and entertainment media of our time, posing all of the moral, aesthetic, ideological, perceptual and epistemological questions important to a modern humanities education. In the Film Studies program, students will become acquainted with film's forms, techniques, significant movements, and criticism. Students will explore film as a cultural force, learning how films intersect with religion, politics, race, gender, and values. Students will also examine how film plays an important role in consumer culture and globalization.

Prime Location

Pepperdine's Film Studies program enjoys a unique relationship with the Hollywood film community and industry professionals in the Malibu area. The program is a co-sponsor of the City of Angels Film Festival, which explores film's artistic, social, and spiritual import. Finally, qualified majors have the opportunity to intern at one of Los Angeles' many television or film production companies.

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