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Theatre Major

Seaver College's Theatre programs, ranked by OnStage as #2 in the nation's B.A. in Theatre Programs, prepare students for careers in acting, directing, media production, music, and production design by teaching students the professional skills needed for real-world application. Our theatre arts students help to shape the cultural environment at Seaver by participating in University productions in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Theatre Arts Degree

Our Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts prepares students for immediate professional work, teaching, or graduate studies, while also enriching the cultural environment of the University and the surrounding communities. With a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts, students choose between three areas of emphasis:

  • Acting: Learn about Stanislavsky acting principles, classical authors, advanced voice and movement techniques, prominent master teachers, and celebrity artists.
  • Directing: Learn the methods of new play development, deep dramaturgical analysis, and the hands-on experience of producing shows.
  • Production/Design: Work with veteran professional faculty, integrate professional stage management training, and apply current design techniques.

Theatre and Music Degree

Theatre Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Music combines the benefits of the distinguished faculty, leading soloists, and top studio professionals of the Pepperdine music department with the intensive performance training of the Theatre Program. As the home to one of the nation's top opera-training programs, our program offers students the opportunity to develop superior singing skills and apply them in performance. Students may also take music-theatre dance training.

Theatre and Media Production Degree

Theatre Media

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Media Production program combine on-screen performance with behind-the-camera skills, and apply them to the production, business, and artistry of filmmaking. Taking advantage of our geographical proximity to Hollywood, students study real-life productions and then put these skills into practice in the classroom and in University productions.

Student Opportunities

Our Program

We offer a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts, a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Media Production, a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Music, and a Secondary Teaching Credential.

Our theatre program faculty are committed to training, encouraging, testing, and ultimately challenging our students to achieve a higher level of artistry. We do so because we understand the potential for live theatre to serve as an agent of social change. Our students leave Pepperdine aware of their purpose as theatre artists, ready to serve their communities through meaningful, high-caliber performances, and prepared to lead their peers in creating art that has the power to change lives, hearts, and minds.

Our focus is undergraduate training. Through a rigorous audition and interview process, we enroll approximately 75 theatre majors across the program's three degree offerings and five subject specializations: acting; directing; technical production and design; theatre and music; and theatre and media production.


The average class enrollment is 12 students. Small classes allow more time for in-class projects, personal attention, and faculty feedback, while building camaraderie among the students.


We stage four major productions each year, provide the technical support for a fully-staged opera, and sponsor a season of student-directed projects. Beyond the performance/design opportunities in our main stage season, student-led organizations like Pepperdine Independent Entertainment , the Pepperdine Improv Troupe , and Dance in Flight provide additional creative outlets.

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London and Edinburgh Summer Program

Our theatre program is proud to perform new and existing plays the International Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland, since 1985. We offer a biennial summer program that begins in London, England, and concludes in Edinburgh, Scotland, at the renowned Festival Fringe.

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Our Facilities

Our University Center for the Arts hosts over 250 public events every year. Explore our state-of-the-art facilities, entertainment labs, theatres, and recital halls that serve as classrooms and performance spaces for our students.

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