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Photo of Elizabeth R. Smith

Elizabeth R. Smith

Director of Student Journalism,
Visiting Professor of Journalism

Division: Communication Division
Office: Center for Communication and Business (CCB) 143
Phone: (310) 506-4568

  • M.A., Intercultural Communication, Pepperdine University, 2003
  • B.A., Journalism, Harding University, 2000
  • JOUR 241, Introduction to Journalism
  • JOUR 345, News Reporting and Editing
  • JOUR 325, Publication Design
  • JOUR 463, Feature Writing
  • JOUR 469, Opinion and Editorial Writing
  • JOUR 400, Communication Ethics
  • JOUR 513, Intercultural Communication: Case Studies
  • COM 180, Public Speaking
Key Awards/Affiliations:
  • College Media Advisers, member
  • California College Media Association, member
  • Society of Professional Journalists, member
  • International Communication Association, member
Academic Interests:
  • Developing News Media Systems in South Africa
  • Dim
  • Job/Role Perception in News Editors
  • Perceived Bias in the News Media
  • Use of the Media for AIDS Education in sub-Saharan Africa
Selected Works:
  • Chandler, R. & Smith, E. (2007). Disaster Recovery and the News Media. BCP Media: St Louis, MO., 2007
  • Smith, E. (2003). The Dependency of African Americans on Daily Newspapers and the Role of Perceived Bias and the Use of Alternative Media. Master's thesis, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA., 2003
  • Smith, E. (2003). Do if Fast, do it right, and make it local: exploring the meaning of work for managing editors at daily newspapers. Paper presented at the meeting of the International Communication Association, San Diego, CA., 2003
  • Murrie, M. & Smith, E. (2004). The Role of a Student Newspaper on a Christian College Campus. Paper Presented at the Seaver Faculty Conference, Malibu, CA., 2004
  • Featured Lecturer, Arkansas College Media Association (Spring 2005)., 2005
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