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Seaver 200


Seaver 200 exists to create gatherings for first- and second-year undergraduate students to explore their faith and feel welcomed into community. This required programming provides a model of vibrant faith practice for students as they become leaders in the world, just as George Pepperdine envisioned.

"We want to present to you, in teaching and example, the Christian way of life. We do not compel you to accept it. You are free to make your own choice, but we want you to know what it is." - George Pepperdine

Academic Requirements

The Seaver 200 course is a program for first-year and sophomore students. Over the course of 10 weeks each semester, students will attend four foundation gatherings at Firestone Fieldhouse and six breakout groups with a group of peers and a staff leader.


Frequently Asked Questions

  Enrollment and Participation

Who is required to enroll in Seaver 200?

First- and second-year residential students, including students participating in international programs.

As outlined in the Housing and Residence Life residency requirements, students are required to live on campus for their first four semesters as Pepperdine students. Any student required to maintain campus residence (domestic or abroad), as determined by the University, will also be required to complete Seaver 200.

I do not live on campus. Do I have to participate in Seaver 200?

No. Seaver 200 is a residential-based program.

I am a junior or senior in credits, but a sophomore living on campus. Do I have to enroll in Seaver 200?

If, as determined by the University, you are required to maintain campus residence (domestic or abroad), then you are required to enroll in Seaver 200.

I am in my third year at Pepperdine, but I am a sophomore in credits. Do I have to enroll in Seaver 200?

If, as determined by the University, you are required to maintain campus residence (domestic or abroad), then you are required to enroll in Seaver 200.

I am a transfer student. Am I required to participate in Seaver 200?

Transfer students are required to live on campus for one academic year and, as such, should complete two semesters of Seaver 200. Transfer students will participate in the second year of this program titled "Sophomore Faith in Action."

First-year spring admits are required to live on campus for three semesters and, as such, will complete three semesters of Seaver 200.

Sophomore spring transfers are required to live on campus for one semester and, as such, will complete one semester of the "Sophomore Faith in Action" program.

Transfer students who are not required to live on campus via the housing exemption process are exempt from Seaver 200.

  Program Content and Grading

How is Seaver 200 graded?

The grading scale is based on 10 weeks per semester of participation with students being allowed one absence to maintain an A grade. If a student misses two or more weeks of participation, the grade will progressively decline. 10=A, 9=A, 8=A-, 7=B+, 6=B, 5=B-, 4=C+, 3=C, 2=C-, 1=F, 0=F

How is Seaver 200 calculated into a student's GPA?

Seaver 200 is a two-unit class, taken over the first four semesters of a student's time at Pepperdine. A first-year student admitted in the fall should follow the registration schedule below.

First-Year Registration Schedule

  Total Credits: 2 (weighted)
Term Credits
First Year, Fall Semester 0.5
First Year, Spring Semester 0.5
Second Year, Fall Semester (Malibu or International Programs) 0.5
Second Year, Spring Semester (Malibu or International Programs) 0.5

I am a second-year student who was exempt from Seaver 200 last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Do I still have to complete four semesters of Seaver 200?

No. Second-year students and transfers who live on campus and were exempt from Seaver 200 during the 2020–2021 academic year due to COVID-19 only need to complete two semesters of Seaver 200.

Does Seaver 200 affect my transcripts? What about when I apply to graduate schools?

The Hub for Spiritual Life will work with the enrollment office to ensure all students' transcripts reflect their Seaver 200 participation correctly. The grade received in Seaver 200 is calculated as part of a student's cumulative GPA but does not count toward a student's total 128 units. Seaver 200 will be recorded on all transcripts, including for those applying to graduate school.

If a student notices an error, please promptly reach out to spirituallife@pepperdine.edu to discuss the matter.

What are the six breakout groups I need to attend?

First-year students will attend a breakout group in their first semester that focuses on six weeks of spiritually-informed resilience education and training. The groups will be led by a staff or faculty member and will be an opportunity to connect with other first-year students in a smaller setting.

Malibu-based sophomore students will attend various elective six-week breakout groups during both semesters of sophomore year. First-year students in their second semesters will join sophomores in choosing a six-week breakout group experience. Abroad sophomores will experience 10 weeks of programming at their abroad location, led by their program directors.

More information on the breakout group options and topics will be provided and information about how to enroll in breakout groups will be forthcoming.

How will students know where to go for their breakout groups?

Students will sign up for their breakout groups. Sign up instructions will be sent to student inboxes before each semester. After a student is signed up, they will receive communication from their breakout group leaders with welcome information, instructions, and contact information.

What is the schedule for Seaver 200?

Spring 2022

4 9/21 Founder's Day Fieldhouse
5 9/28 Breakout Group Various
6 10/5 Breakout Group Various
7 10/12 Breakout Group Various
8 10/19 Breakout Group Various
9 10/26 Breakout Group Various
10 11/2 Breakout Group Various
11 11/9 Credited Survey Virtual
Week Date Event Location
1 8/31 Foundation Fieldhouse
2 9/7 Foundation Fieldhouse
3 9/14 Foundation Fieldhouse

* Your selected breakout group will run for six weeks as noted in the registration.

  Attendance and Exemptions

How will you take attendance for Seaver 200?

Students attending foundation gatherings will utilize scanning technology to scan in their attendance for the event. Leaders of breakout groups will take attendance each week. Scans will only be counted within 10 minutes of the start of the event and students must stay for the event's entirety to receive credit. Any attempt to share attendance codes with another student or otherwise receive credit for an event not fully attended will be considered cheating and referred to the office of community standards.

Can I file for an exemption from Seaver 200?

Students with documented disabilities may request exemptions for Seaver 200 through the Office of Student Accessibility. Exemption requests require medical documentation. Additionally, in the event of an emergency, students may work with the Student Care Team to address short-term challenges and concerns.

Can I apply for exemption without going through the Office of Student Accessibility?

Generally, no. However, students who have military deployment may seek an exemption via the Hub for Spiritual Life. If you feel you have an extenuating circumstance not listed here, that would qualify you for an exemption from the requirements of this program, please contact spirituallife@pepperdine.edu.

  Third- and Fourth-Year Opportunities

Are third- and fourth-year students required to attend Seaver 200?

No. This is a program for first- and second-year residential students. Additional spiritual life opportunities for involvement for juniors and seniors are listed in the section below.

How can juniors and seniors get involved in spiritual life on campus?

Juniors and seniors are encouraged to contact the Hub for Spiritual Life to be connected with a faculty/staff spiritual mentor. Additionally, juniors and seniors can opt to get involved in a myriad of spiritual life opportunities on campus, including worship gatherings, student ministries, spiritual care, Bible studies, and more. Juniors and seniors are also invited to apply for spiritual leadership opportunities on campus, such as the Spiritual Life Advisor (SLA) program or the student ministries leadership program.

We also encourage juniors and seniors to serve as leaders in the Seaver 200 breakout groups and foundation gatherings. Lastly, juniors and seniors have the opportunity to serve on the foundation gathering hospitality team as a paid team member, be featured in foundation gathering content, and assist faculty and staff in leading their breakout groups. Any junior or senior interested in applying to become a paid member of the hospitality team should contact spirituallife@pepperdine.edu.

  Questions and Support

Who can a student talk to if they have additional questions?

Please contact spirituallife@pepperdine.edu with additional questions.