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Pepperdine students at dinner
One of the things that makes Pepperdine such a special place is the personal attention students receive from our faculty and staff. Pepperdine offers a couple of programs that provide you with resources to share a meal with a Seaver student in one of our dining facilities or with a group of students in your home. Below you will find information about our "Dine with a Student" and "Student Home Entertainment" programs.

Student Home Entertainment

The purpose of this program is to encourage faculty and staff to entertain students in their homes for a social meal. To assist in budgeting and utilizing the funds, the following guidelines have been established. If you have any questions about whether your event meets these guidelines, please contact Beverly Wright, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs, in advance of the event.

  1. The program is available to full-time and adjunct faculty, and full-time University employees.

  2. The intent of the program is for faculty/staff to entertain students in their homes and promote a sense of community. The spirit of the program lends itself best to an evening or afternoon shared with a small number of students (25 or less) in a home. A restaurant setting is not considered appropriate for this fund. A reception with more than 25 students is more appropriately a division or department expense. The home event should be social in nature and not simply the relocation of a regularly scheduled class or activity.

  3. Individuals will be reimbursed for actual food expenditures with a maximum of $8 per student in attendance. Reimbursement is based on the number of students who sign up/RSVP "yes" to your invitation, but not faculty families and guests.

  4. Since funding for the program is limited, the maximum amount that participants can be reimbursed per event is $200.

  5. Faculty/staff are eligible to request reimbursement up to three (3) times a semester.

  6. Following the event, the faculty/staff member should email a memorandum to Beverly Wright to: beverly.wright@pepperdine.edu This memo must include the location, the date, the expense (scan and attach a copy of the original itemized receipts), and a list of students with CWID who signed up for the event. This list could be in the form of a copy of the students' email responses to your invitation or a copy of the RSVP list you obtained through an online platform, e.g. whoozin.com, eventbrite.com, etc. This memo must be emailed within ten (10) working days of the event. Requests that fail to meet this deadline may not be honored.


Special provision

Special provision for Law School professors teaching large first-year law classes (up to 70 students):

  • Law School professors teaching large first-year law classes can use the Student Home Entertainment program for entertaining students in a professor's home. Their section faculty must be present to ensure that the student-faculty ratio is no more than 25:1. Individuals will be reimbursed at the rate of $8 per student with a maximum amount of $560 per event. The list of faculty in attendance has to be submitted with the reimbursement memo.


Dine with a Student

The Dine with a Student program provides a meal at the Waves Café and Oasis to any Seaver faculty or staff member who dines with a Seaver student. The faculty/staff meal card has a maximum value of $18. It can be used one time, and the cashier will collect the card. The card must be used while dining at the Waves Café or Oasis one-on-one with a Seaver student. The card is designed to be used for both the faculty/staff member's meal and the student's meal.

To avoid conflict with the Faculty Lounge lunch program, faculty members are encouraged not to use the meal card on Tuesday or Thursday at lunch. It may be used at any other times the Waves Café and Oasis are open.

Any Seaver faculty/staff member may participate in this program up to once per week. You and the Seaver student you're dining with simply stop by the Vice President for Student Affairs Office (Tyler Campus Center, Suite 210) on your way to the cafeteria to sign out one of the meal cards at the reception desk. You'll be asked to present your Pepperdine ID, sign your name, and the Seaver student will be asked to sign his/her name, as well.

This program cannot be used with student spouses, significant others or relatives and should only be used with a student employee if you are actually sitting down to share a meal together. Since funds are limited, please note that your request for a card may be denied if it is deemed to not meet the spirit of the fund.

The program operates when the classes are in session. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs at (310) 506-4472.

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