Survey Research Minor

Students presenting their research via a poster session on campus

The Curriculum

The survey research minor focuses on the theories and methods of quantitative and qualitative, interview- and questionnaire-based social and political research. The minor prepares students for graduate work in the field or junior positions in survey-research facilities. Additionally, students will learn valuable analytical skills that are widely used in elections, education, academia, political consulting, social services, public relations,marketing, and journalism.

A total of twenty-four units is required for this minor. Additionally, students are required to participate in an internship that must be approved as relevant by the director of the Survey Research minor. The goal of this experience is to learn how to select interviewees, to collect their responses, and to input data using relevant software. The site of the required practicum must be a survey-research firm, institute, agency, laboratory, or office that produces original survey data. 

For additional information or questions regarding the Survey Research program, contact the director, Dr. Joel Fetzer by email or phone 310.506.6250. To contact the Social Science Division, please call 310.506.4372.