M.A. Religion Thesis Information and Guidelines

All candidates for the Master of Arts in Religion are required to write and defend a thesis in order to be eligible to graduate. All M.A. students should familiarize themselves with the thesis requirements and policies of both the Religion and Philosophy Division and the Seaver Dean's Office before beginning the thesis process.

This document provides M.A. students in the Religion and Philosophy Division with a brief overview of the thesis process and the expectations of work submitted by a candidate for the Master of Arts in Religion.

This document describes what is expected in a thesis proposal in the Religion and Philosophy Division. M.A. students are not permitted to undertake a thesis without first having their proposal approved by their entire thesis committee.

This webpage connects students with a variety of resources from the Seaver College Graduate Programs. On this page students can view the "Seaver College Thesis Calendar" and the "Graduate Thesis Guidelines Packet" which contains formatting, and printing requirements mandated by the Seaver Dean's office.