Minor in Women's Studies

Course Requirements

A total of twenty to twenty-four units in courses in the area of Women’s Studies will be required for the Women’s Studies minor.

Contract Credit: In addition to the courses listed below, students will be able to take for women's studies credit a course or independent study not listed here if they undertake as part of their coursework a major project that deals with women or gender. Approval of these courses must come from both the women's studies coordinator and the instructor of the course under consideration.

  • WMST 300 is to be taken concurrently with one unit of WMST 301 (Service Learning).
  • Students can take no more than two gender-cognate courses, which are courses that include a module or section that treats gender as part of the coursework.
  • Students choose at least three gender-focused courses, which generally are upper-division courses that use gender as a primary category of analysis. One of the three gender-focused courses may be one special topics course to be approved by the Women’s Studies Coordinator. Special Topics courses in the past have included PSYC 592: Psychology of Women, and COM 592: Gender and Communication.

Contract Credit also helps to expand the courses available for students to take. Please note that the curriculum is under constant construction.

Course ID Course Name Units
Required Courses:
WMST 300 Introduction to Women’s Studies 4
WMST 301 Women’s Studies - Service Learning* 1-4
*Must be taken concurrently with WMST 300
Choose three of the following (11-12 units):
ENG 426 Topics in American Literature (when topic is appropriate) 4
ENG 435 Topics in British Literature (post-1800) (when topic is appropriate) 4
HIST 535 Topics in the History of Women in the U.S. 4
POSC 509 Women and Politics 4
PSYC 334 Psychology of Women 3
REL 312 Women in the Early Church 4
WMST 441 Women and Film 4
Choose one of the following (4 units):
COM 512 Media Impact and U.S. Minorities 4
REL 549 Christian Marriage in a Modern World 4
SOC 427 Sociology of the Family 4