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Pepperdine Art Portfolio Award Application Information

Art scholarships are available ranging from $500 to $4,000 per year, must be applied to tuition and are awarded to students who have been formally admitted to Pepperdine and who are "DECLARED" art majors. Guidelines for sending the art portfolio are listed below.

1. Send a typed cover letter indicating your desire to enroll in the Pepperdine Art Program. Tell of your specific financial needs, and how this award will contribute to the success of your education at Pepperdine. We are looking for academically sound students who are willing to lead and serve others. Awards are determined on the basis of financial need, artistic ability, and leadership potential. It is important that you give the Committee a complete and thorough response. Please be very specific regarding financial need.

2. On a separate page list your accomplishments in the area of art. You may choose to include awards, participation in exhibitions and art competitions, set design and scene painting for the theater, or graphic design for the school newspaper. You can help the scholarship committee by telling us of your strengths as evidenced by your accomplishments.

3. Include either a plastic slide holder containing up to twenty 35 mm slide examples of your artwork, or a CD containing up to twenty images. The CD must be redable on any computer. Try to include a variety of media and techniques, but put your strongest work at the beginning. Label each image or slide with your printed name, title of the work, media, and size. Place an arrow indicating the proper viewing position. Please do not send actual artwork. Do not send more than 20 slides.

4. On a separate page include a list describing each artwork (name, title, media, size) and make sure that you include your name and address on each page you send.

5. Send your material care of the Art Department, Porfolio Submission, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA 90263. Deadline for submission of art material and portfolio for Fall 2010 has not yet been confirmed. Please contact the Fine Arts Division with questions.

After your portfolio has been received, the Art Scholarship Committee will review your work and make recommendations to the Pepperdine Admissions office, and the Office of Financial Aid. Official notification of an award will come from the Office of Financial Aid. I encourage you to respond in a timely fashion. Art department funds for scholarships are limited and the committee is already aware of the financial needs of several incoming students. The art scholarship application deadline for Fall 2010 has not yet been confirmed. The deadline for Seaver College admission is January 15th. Pepperdine's "intent to enroll" deadline is May 1st. No art award can be officially granted until the "intent to enroll" has been received. Thank you for your interest in Pepperdine.