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Zineb Zebdii

I have been interested in architecture and especially the design of interior space for as long as I can remember. The way in which space is created, utilized and sometimes even implied has always fascinated me. More than the diagrammatic aspect of a beautifully designed space, it can be the subtle presence of color and textural nuance, or the contrast of a soft curve to a sharp angle, which hums ever so quietly to my temperament and can actually impact my mood.

My paintings are about planes that dip in and out of space to create or simply suggest movement, depth and undulation. The delicate and sometimes intimate relationship between these planes as they each individually impose and imply their own space, fills me with associations of interior/exterior environments, and becomes the significance of each painting.

I have chosen to title each painting with a phrase from poems I have written. In a sense, as visual poems, rhythmic movement and subtle texture can become soft-spoken rhymes.

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