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Hunter Montgomery

I sculpt because I enjoy the challenge of the third dimension. A physical object is more than just a picture on the wall; one can move around it, touch it, and pick it up. Sculpture must be made with a competent understanding of construction and engineering as it encounters gravity and human interaction. I enjoy the process of formulating an idea and procedurally thinking through all the steps necessary for successful completion.

I have been working with wood for about four years. Wood is a fascinating material. It is incredibly strong yet flexible and easy to shape. It can be splintered and ugly or sanded and beautiful. The challenge of working with wood is its unpredictability. The growth of the grain and the location of knots cannot be controlled. I must adapt to the natural features of the material and work through them to achieve a similar outcome to my original thought. Each step must be completed with the skill and patience of a craftsman.

The cultivation of wood is also interesting. A living entity with complex curves and extensive branch and root systems is processed into mechanical angular slabs. Life is removed and something modular is created. I utilize that modularity and manipulate it into objects with a living presence. Each piece is comprised of multiple blocks cut from large pieces of lumber. Movement is most important as it defines the interaction of the form with the space around it. I also make use of texture as a tool for furthering the notion of a living organism made from inanimate wooden blocks.

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