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Ashly Welch

Through my graphic designs, I wanted to capture the beauty of God’s creation in a different way. I have always enjoyed drawing portraits because of how challenging they can be to portray the uniqueness and characteristics of every face. In this set of work, I wanted to incorporate my love of bold colors, drastic lighting and contrast on the human face through a graphic design.


I chose to do portraits of people I know because it was more personal. It inspired and challenged me to capture them in a unique way by abstracting facial features and shapes.

Computer graphic design has inspired my artwork over the last few years. Being able to incorporate art and the computer is an exciting process that enables me to explore many possibilities. I enjoy working with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I used both of these programs to produce this series of artworks. With the use of a drawing tablet, I was able to draw these portraits free hand into the Adobe programs, which gave me the opportunity to incorporate drawing by hand in a digital media.

Overall, my artwork for the senior exhibition represents my love of drawing portraits and capturing God’s creation through vibrant colors, high contrast and computer graphic design.

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