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Senior Art Exhibit 2008 - Kristin John

Kristin John

Mosaic II is part of a series inspired by the Parque Güel in Barcelona, Spain and my personal affinity for art tile. The concepts of mosaics intrigue me: bringing together unlikely combinations of form to create one all anew. The idea behind the series has evolved and changed as the paintings progressed. Mosaic II and its accompanying maquettes were not exceptions in terms of the driving force behind them either – it was the paintings themselves that acted as the demanding voice calling for certain decisions to be made and others to be suppressed. As I strive to paint and create beauty that goes beyond the two dimensional plane of stillness to a place where motion and a sense of electricity swims throughout I find myself in a constant battle between reality and the intangible. Color and form dominate the decisions which brought this work to be, but it's not about the subject – it's about the actuality of executing it. It's the assemblage of random sights, emotions and colors that have influenced me, culminating in a challenge to piece together these ideas to form a coherent and cohesive piece of beauty.

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