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Senior Art Exhibit 2008 - Briana Scammehorn

Briana Scammehorn

I have discovered that I suffer from a minute case of tunnel vision when considering what elements of design to advocate in the creative process of my work. When beginning a painting I am primarily concerned with creating depth compositionally through angled, sharp, geometric planes, gradations, and line patterns. I use multiple vanishing points to evoke a sense of movement and to emphasize multiple areas throughout the composition. I enjoy exaggerating where planes and lines meet by balancing harmonious and drastically contrasting color relationships throughout my pieces.

The materials I use are very important to the creation process and outcome of each piece. I use acrylic paint and tape to create my compositions. I enjoy the smooth sharp edges that can be created with tape and acrylic is particularly important to the surface quality of my work. While I enjoy painting on various materials I have discovered that acrylic on Masonite produce the most agreeable results. The unique surface quality of the Masonite acts as a sponge, soaking up the excess acrylic just enough to allow it to maintain a glossy, plastic finish.

The most important element in all of my paintings is the process of creating the pieces themselves. I usually have my composition complete and decided before I can begin so that the creative process for me primarily consists of locating and relocating color and light planes which is the action that I find most agreeable to entertain.

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