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Senior Art Exhibit 2008 - April Felchner

April Felchner

In the development of these three sculptures, I have enjoyed the wide range of interpretations made by others. Some think they look figural; others believe they take on monstrous shapes, while some endow them with extra-terrestrial and non-human characteristics. Nonetheless, these sculptures each have a distinct personality. Through sculpting with light as a medium, I have found that the simpler the materials, the better. Using wire, paper, and glue I became obsessed with turning very ordinary materials into something extraordinary. For me, my series of Illuminated Sculptures have always had a spiritual significance. The warm glow of light compels me to be silent and still, filling me with peaceful contentment. They recall a time before the stresses of adulthood, when I was carefree and trusting in God's plan. I even believe that they represent stages of life, starting with my own beginning in Genesis, experiencing the world in Adam, and ending with Sleeping Muse.

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