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Senior Art Exhibit 2007: Miki Kim

Senior art exhibitor, Miki Kim

Miki Kim

The beauty of nature has become in today's world underappreciated. Focus has shifted to technological advancements, leading to the steady deterioration of people's connection with nature. My study and appreciation of organic shapes and vivid colors in nature have greatly influenced my art works. Originally, my paintings were inspired by yellow daffodils; however, my paintings continually evolved as I worked on them. I have explored flowers as a metaphor for various stages of growth and changes in my life. The series of paintings both reflect and express my journey from Japan to the United States:

"Reaching" out to a different world
"Gathering" new information and influences
"Connecting" with different people and places
"Fulfilling" goals and experiences

The dominant color in my chosen palette further describes who I am. The exploration of varied colors and organic forms portray the adventurous journey that I have experienced. I have chosen bright yellows and intense blues to communicate my concept. For me, yellows represent youth and playfulness while blues alludes to both royalty and tranquility. Those who know me well would associate me with such colors—vivid, eccentric yellow maturing into strong yet calm blue.

The experiences of reaching, gathering, and connecting will continue in my journey and the process of fulfillment.

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