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Senior Art Exhibit 2006: Ginna Nguyen

Senior Art Exhibit: Ginna Nguyen

I want to make a bold statement. I want the humble heart of Tea. I have been beaten by bureaucracy. I cannot be broken.

Since the 13th century, the Way of Tea has been present on this earth. From 1991 to 2005 the study of Chado existed at Pepperdine University. Chado has, throughout its history, adapted to its time. It is at the present that an adaptation has been catalyzed by occasion and necessity, and a new vision of the Way of Tea is in development. It is one whose lessons are accessible to the global community, free from esoteric rigidity. It is one whose ancient ritual mystery will now clearly communicate that a communion of tea and spirit can be done in any setting. I am a part of this vision, and through this series I express my struggle to see it bloom. My paintings: I speak through my paint. Who I am and the experiences I have are on my canvas. I began by taking ideas and images of tea and collaged them together, taking the essential elements as they were in accord with my mind. Behind the interesting spaces created by my lines and amidst my layered planes of colors this process of passion and motivation can be found.

I invite you to step back and see me. I invite you to step close and understand me. In the spirit of Tea, may your experience with my art be one of ichigo ichie (one lifetime, one moment).

Senior Art Exhibit: Ginna Nguyen

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