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Senior Art Exhibit 2006: Emily Miller

Senior Art Exhibit: Emily Miller

I explore the essence of paint which enables me to respond intuitively to what the composition asks of me and what the canvas can become. I desire for the viewer to go past the surface of the canvas and submerge themselves into the journey created within the workings of my paint. My work is inspired by exploring the relationships between organic and geometric forms. As the composer I am motivated by the confrontation of organic and static forms. The painterly way I configure my oils creates an organic feel, while the composition of shapes emphasizes the static, intertwining the two in harmony.

My compositions are not completed until I have mastered the manipulation of the elements and principles of design. I have experimented with line and color to create spatial depth. My work allows the observant individual, if willing to seek, a place to find. If one looks into my compositions there are many different aspects to find such as: spatial depth, movement, static and organic forms coexisting on the same plane, but these all can be observed only after gazing. Often people are pushed away when they are subjected to something to which they cannot relate. But the subtle changes and simplicity of the forms and depth within my compositions give viewers a way to relate to my compositions. I pay much attention to movement within my paintings, either by the way I handle the paint or by the placement of shapes in my composition. I create movement by allowing the pull of gravity to help configure the directions of forms in my compositions. I can relate to the viewer through my paintings by alluding to the rules of gravity that we both are familiar with. The relationships that I observe between man-made and natural objects assist me in creating my compositions. I use color and line within my work in order to produce subtle and powerful works of art. I use line to create spatial depth, and color variation to create movement. My current confrontations propel me towards decisions that give my works movement and spatial depth. While the materials I have chosen to utilize for these designs are not conventionally thought of as fashionable or feminine, it is through their composition that womanhood is expressed in a positive and thought provoking manner. My interest in three-dimensional design and functional art will be explored further as I pursue a career in fashion design.

Senior Art Exhibit: Emily Miller

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