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Senior Art Exhibit 2006: Ashley Rushford

Ashley Rushford

Since I was a young girl, I have been interested in fashion design, make-up artistry, and the fine arts. Make-up design and the world of fashion have transformed the way I see art and express my creative thoughts. The unique world of the glamorous and the outrageous, although foreign to many, has inspired my artistic aspirations. My interest in make-up and fashion design has led me to choose make-up artistry as my career and more importantly, my passion. As my academic career comes to a close, I aim to capture images of fashion and beauty through photography. The essence of each image is conveyed through painting, using the tools and skills that I have acquired at Pepperdine.

I have had many influences through the years. The late Kevyn Aucoin taught me that make-up is indeed an art form, capable of transforming anyone into anything they so desire. Andy Warhol turned his love for fashion and beauty into artistic statements, creating "pop art" as we know it. My professors at Pepperdine, through studies in painting, drawing, and three-dimensional design, have enhanced my understanding of composition and broadened my conceptual scope.

Each of the three paintings conveys a different aspect of make-up's transforming ability. The purple piece communicates the powerful and assertive attributes of women. In today's world, women are leaders and advocates for change. The red painting conveys a more sensual and nurturing side of women. Women are sexual beings full of passion and emotion; it is this female entity that brings life into the world. The green piece represents the free spirit within all women and the vibrant qualities that make each woman unique. Together, the three paintings celebrate the ways in which women and the worlds of make-up artistry and fashion design transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Through my creative experiences, I have discovered that fashion design, make-up artistry, and studio art are inextricably linked to one another, and together create endless possibilities…

Ashley Rushford Senior Art Exhibit

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