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Senior Art Exhibit 2005: Preerati Bhakdi

Preerati Bhakdi, Seaver student artist


My work is all about the value and God-given beauty of the female form—the most inspiring of all human figures. Each human form shares the same basic characteristics, yet with their multiplicity of curves, lines, and grooves in the structure, I am awed by how staggeringly different they are one from the other. Feminine forms best serve to guide my quest to explore the beauty of nature that is found wherever we look. To that end, my paintings incorporate universal qualities of the female: some may be vibrant, some may be subtle, yet all qualities are present in a unique way.

In this series of paintings I explore the relationship between extreme light and shadow on forms. The contrast of light and dark highlights and draws out the qualities I see in the form: elegance, intelligence, purity, joy, patience, and innocence—yet all with an element of mystery. Within the lights and darks subtle details draw the observer further within the image. To achieve this effect I have structured and arranged the images to be somewhat abstract yet still readily recognizable and representational.

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