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Senior Art Exhibit 2005: Lacey Ubaldi

Senior art exhibitor, Lacey UbaldiPhotography is a tangible display of a brief moment in eternity.

My passion is photography. I strive to truly move the viewer with my work. A smile, a touch, or simply an image created can speak a thousand words and touch places in the soul that are not often visited.

The lens of my camera is a window to the little things. Beauty is discovered by looking at something closely or in a different light. With the click of a button, a moment is perfectly captured in time. A memory of something that will never again happen is perfectly preserved to savor and relive each time I look at the image.

Taking a photograph and perfecting it brings a deep sense of satisfaction. Once a hobby, I now aspire to make what I love into a career. For the last few years my camera has never left my side. I take countless pictures and spend hours at the computer, reviewing what I have shot, touching up, polishing, and perfecting my images. Time flies by as I work with my art. It is something that completely consumes me. When I begin to work with an image, I let the picture speak for itself and continue from there. While I primarily shoot digital photography, I prefer to let the image stay as "true" as possible, without many computer retouches.

Photography is my way to hold on to a fleeting moment of beauty. By taking a closer look at everyday things in life, I am allowed to slow down and appreciate the delicate moments; split seconds of time captured as the world travels by.

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