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Senior Art Exhibit 2005: Jesse Pinegar

Senior art exhibitor, Jesse Pinegar

From the time I was very small, I have always been fascinated with architecture and the shapes and forms which simple architecture makes. At a young age I would accompany my Father on site inspections to various projects on which he was working. He would instruct me on simplicity and tell me how forms were so important in creating exciting architecture. Together we would study magazines of architecture and on every vacation or basketball trip, we would somehow end up visiting significant architectural masterpieces. Always critiquing and teaching, he would point out how elements of light and darkness played on forms and shapes. I developed an appreciation of architectural simplicity.
When faced with the problem of painting for a final project, I consulted my Father. We talked about different ideas and how to implement them. The notion of painting architectural forms fascinated me and so I decided to photograph houses in Venice and other places, including my own home, which eventually became a subject in my presentation.

I didn't want to paint entire houses, but instead chose to portray the essence of these structures by painting shapes and colors contained in each house. I wanted to show how light played a role in their being. Windows, doors, eaves, corners, etc., became my focus. I chose vivid colors and hard shadows. I played with colors and color combinations and the effect of light and darkness on these bright color combinations.
The result is paintings that demonstrate simple architectural forms. Each painting shows one vital element in the design of the house. The small glimpse of a single, simple detail gives the viewer an idea of the remainder of the design.

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