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Senior Art Exhibit 2005: Janelle Clayton

Senior art exhibitor, Janelle ClaytonXX Art

My artwork is about women and beauty. It is a colorful expression of my experience as a woman and the many inspirational women in my life. The paintings are influenced by non-western views of beauty, American culture, Amazonian power, classical female grace, and social ideals. Through my work I convey the idea of women choosing their own destinies and discovering their identities as they relate to that which is "feminine." The paintings look at beauty and its relation to proportion (i.e. 36-24-36), desire, and nonwestern iconic imagery. My art celebrates the essence of feminine spirit and questions how and why that essence is eroded in modern western society. Modern women are bombarded with images of commercialized beauty and are challenged in the process of discovering the true diversity of feminine beauty. In my compositions I use fragmentation as a representation of women in modern society. In our commercially driven society the fragmentation of images surrounds us. My artwork is about the beauty of discovery and self-realization, the essence of feminine power, and the physical aesthetic. My paintings celebrate womanhood!

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