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Senior Art Exhibit 2005: Erin Andrews

Senior art exhibitor, Erin AndrewsIn my Market Series, I portray the interdependence of individual people and objects in the environment of an open-air market, specifically Pike Place market in Seattle, Washington. The essence of surrounding sights, objects, personalities, movement, colors, textures, and scents all knit together to create one vibrant patchwork experience. The many complexities of individual lives become components of a larger practice. The paintings allude to the idea that we are all catalysts in others lives. We are interdependent and exist within the overlap of the lives of others. I chose to express my ideas through abstract means as the many inner workings and complexities of an open-air market cannot be captured by a single image. Rather the compositions create the very essence of an open-air market.

My processes are both additive and subtractive, removing paint and caustic and adding until only the amount necessary for conveying a work's meaning remains. These complexities, motions and interactions are bound together by a unifying rhythm and texture. The aesthetic design is driven by the overall concept, so the forms are both beautiful and meaningful. This composing of formal relationships (structure amidst the deconstructed) captures the true nature of Pike Place market. The sound of a harmonica, the random path of a wandering tourist, the apple vender with her bright green apples, all these elements, along with countless others co-exist in the open-air market environment. I capture the essence or spirit of a market place through random patterns, overlapping colors, textured patches, and vibrant interactions of line and shape.

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