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Senior Art Exhibit 2005: Chas Schroeder

Senior art exhibitor, Chas SchroederFusing the Structured and the Organic

In the pieces for this exhibition, I am fusing structured, yet organic compositions. I took my inspiration from the music of Explosions in the Sky. Their music has a strict structure, as in most music, however it has a very organic feeling. After listening to their music, I began to wonder how something could be restricted with structure, yet be able to flow freely with such a natural feeling. This fusion of the structured and the organic that Explosions in the Sky captures in their music, is what I am trying to represent visually.

In my art for this exhibition, I am exploring the relationship of music and art through use of shapes, colors, and lines. The more geometric shapes represent the structure of music. While the more organic shapes, obviously, represent the fluid feeling of Explosions in the Sky's music. The colors I use in my paintings represent the moods and feelings I get when I listen to their music. Line is an important part of my pieces. In most of them, it represents the free-flowing nature of the music I was inspired by. In one, it represents the structure, while the color represents the flowing aspect of the music.

Another important aspect of my work is the construction process. Art and music both have a creative progression before the product is finalized. I allow the building process to show, because I am fascinated with the development a piece of art goes through in order to achieve the artist's final objective.

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