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Senior Art Exhibit 2005: Alex Acker

Senior art exhibitor, Alex AckerMy name is Alex Acker and I have an addiction. I've had this problem all my life and it was passed down to me from my father. I eat, sleep, think and breathe this problem and it is all I think about day and night. What is my addiction? Basketball. It's my pillow on the road, my companion when I need consulting, and my key to success. Basketball has taken control of all aspects of my life; it controls how I walk, talk, and express myself. My addiction is in charge of my life; basketball is my past, present, and future. My painting reflects my passion of basketball.

The way basketball translates to my art work is the fast pace movement and quick energetic brush strokes. By using the brush as my basketball and the canvas as my court, I can recreate past experiences and thoughts as well as my future dreams.

Some nights, as I would walk home along in the dark from playing basketball, with just my basketball. My idea for "Break Down" came from these nights. I would work on my ball handling coming back from the playground. Sometimes I believed I was being chased and the only way I was going to get home faster was sprint home dribbling, by throwing the ball out in front of me and keeping my head up to see where I was going. It seems funny now, but I made sure not to lose that ball because I did not want to go back to get it.

"Crack of Dawn" represents the early bird athletes. The figure in the picture is working out while everyone else is sleep because he knows that the great players start their day as early as possible to enjoy the rest of the day after.

College basketball is completely different than professional basketball. One reason is the "Rivalry" of two teams. From the fans support to the tremendous energy those games bring makes the adrenaline flow threw the body, it can make even the littlest guy jump out the gym. I have seen some crazy things done during rivalry games, from buzzer beaters, to the unheard of guy stepping up and making the big shot. In the heat of the game anything is possible.

I never knew I had any artistic talents until I came to Pepperdine, and I never knew I was able to take my basketball abilities this far until I came to Pepperdine. By me saying this I would like to thank those that helped me and supported my though my ups and downs. My dreams, visions, thoughts, and experiences are available for all to see.

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