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Senior Art Exhibit 2004: Jasmine Raphael

Jasmine RaphaelWe spend 18 years of our lives to get to Pepperdine. So set in thinking that we know exactly who we are at that point, it takes less than a few weeks to figure out we don't have a clue. Then we are faced with four years of pushing and pulling, melting and molding to become whoever it is we desire to be. Just when we think we've got it all figured out, one month to go to graduation, and it all crumbles like the building blocks we had when we were four. Yet somehow, life continues. Mysteriously. Not yet sure of who we are or where we are going, we stand in a state of anonymity, basking in the "the complexity and elegance of simplicity," (anonymous).

My paintings are a saga to my exploration of self with my time here at Pepperdine. Despite common thought, we are molded and bred to be a certain type. Without a face, we are all the same. Whether in Malibu, or a third world country. We are all in a different time, a different place, facing technically different problems... but there is a universal suffering... which requires a universal solution.

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