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Senior Art Exhibit 2003: Shawna Potter

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Life is a mystery, but one thing I know is how to see beauty. And that is my secret to happiness. Much of the time, I wonder why I am here, what I am doing, and what my purpose is. But occasionally, I find clarity in a moment that is entirely beautiful.

Or peaceful.
Or interesting.
Or dramatic.

The fulfillment found in these moments eludes the reasoning mind, but can clearly be observed by the spiritual eye. Everyday happiness is found in realizing and enjoying them before they are gone.

This painting series captures moments that I was fortunate to realize and tuck away into my memory. I love painting scenes from my life in shapes and colors that evoke the feeling, which caused me to stop and notice that moment. The organic shapes and various hues blend and bleed, hide and reveal. I hope the dance of light and shadow lends the same element of mystery to my paintings that I see everywhere I look. Like my work, life is rich and full and deep. Look at life with the same sense of observation with which you view this art, and you will begin to find beauty, drama, and happiness in places you never expected.

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