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Senior Art Exhibit 2003: Steve Mock

Steve Mock LogoHope and despair. We live in a world of paradox. Children are born. Children die. We laugh. We cry. Wars are waged. Peace is made. People are frightened. People dream. It is a dual reality. Yet the reality is not experienced by all. Sometimes, we see only one aspect of the truth and negate the other. Sometimes, we are a part of both. And sometimes, we don't realize there is one holistic truth. But while some of us may vaguely understand that this world is connected and we are a part of it, most do not. We are taught that each individual governs their own world and each individual is responsible for their world and no one else's. But what about those whose world is out of control? Can nothing be done? Do we realize that there are worlds that burn and cry and bleed and mourn? Is it understood that not all worlds experience life and laughter and healing and smiles to the same extent? To negate truth does not deny its existence. To negate another's reality does not keep it from being real. Reality can be changed, however, if we choose to experience and understand another person's world. We are all one world and one reality and one truth. In the end it is our choice be a part or not, but it will always be there.
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