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Online Scale Requirements


VIOLIN: E major, B-flat major, and C melodic min; 3-octaves; 16th notes; quarter note = 80

VIOLA: D major; 3-octaves;

CELLO: E-flat major, G major and their relative minor; 3 octave; quarter note = 126

DBL BASS: A major, E-flat major; 2 octaves; quarter note = 126; 2 notes per bow

FLUTE: Chromatic scale from low c to high c; major and minor scales of their choice; three of each; slurred and tongued (single and double).

OBOE: D-flat major, Eb min, F# major, B minor, chromatic; all 2 octaves, tongued, quarter note = 80

CLARINET: chromatic scale from low E to high G; F major, E major, 3 octaves.

BASSOON: Chromatic scale, legato from the bottom to the top of your range on the instrument; B major, starting on the low B , 2 or 3 octaves and back down again, tongued; tempo: as fast you can maintain a steady rhythm and accuracy.

SAXOPHONE: Four 2-octave scales of your choice, eighth notes at half note = 80 or faster; chromatic scale, full range.

HORN: A major, E-flat major, E major, A-flat major; 2 octaves; quarter = 120

TRUMPET: Concert A, E, and B-flat major, 2 octaves; sixteenth notes at quarter note = 88

TROMBONE: E major, B major; 2-octaves (if possible); 16th notes, quarter note = 72


TUBA: A major, E-flat major, E major, A-flat major; 2 octaves; quarter note = 120