The Pepperdine Waves Debate team is a regionally and nationally competitive intercollegiate debate program. We compete in Worlds style/ British parliamentary debate against other institutions of higher education. Participants receive coaching for competitions from an extremely talented and well-trained coaching staff.

In order to compete against other institutions of higher education, the Pepperdine Debate team travels to regional, national, and international competitions. These competitions typically take place Friday through Sunday, and some require traveling for up to a full week. This travel is school sanctioned, but it is important to keep up in classes in order to guarantee instructors will excuse you for the travel. The team also hosts two on campus debate events per year and engages in online debates at various points throughout the school year.

Debate team members are encouraged to volunteer for our elementary school outreach program. Waves debaters have the opportunity to spend 8 weeks each semester training 4th and 5th grade students in debate and advocacy. The team also interacts with schools upon request by hosting workshops, volunteering to judge, and training.

The Pepperdine Debate team will offer an academic setting in which participants can also enjoy social interaction. You will get to know other students here at Pepperdine, as well as students from other colleges and universities. We have scholarships available for students who have a record of success in Worlds style/British parliamentary debate. Students with no prior experience may join the team and may earn a scholarship after establishing themselves as a positive contributing member to the team.


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