Requirements and Concentration Areas

MA in Strategic Communication

These concentration areas relate to the MA in Strategic Communication only, not to the MFA in Cinematic Media Production. Please see the MFA in Cinematic Media Production site for details on courses in that specialty.

A "concentration" requires 10 to 12 units consisting of 3 related courses designated by the Graduate Committee. In consultation with his or her adviser, the student should "declare" a concentration prior to his or her second year of study, during the advisement process. The Graduate Committee will note the student's concentration in program record keeping and permit students to indicate such on their vitae.

Note: Some 500 and 600 level courses have mandatory prerequisites. These are listed in the Communication course offerings in the current Seaver catalog. Students can meet prerequisites from their completed undergraduate coursework or via supplemental work beyond the minimum degree requirements for the graduate degree. No course with a grade less than 'C' (2.0) will be counted as meeting a prerequisite for 500 level classes. Students are reminded that graduate credit can only be awarded for 500 and 600 level coursework. Graduate students must identify themselves to the professor, gain permission to continue enrollment, and complete additional requirements in the course.

Degree Requirements

Concentration Areas for MA in Strategic Communication

  • Strategic Skills

  • Strategic Analysis

  • Creative Media

  • Public Policy

Directed Studies may be used for a concentration course when no other option is available. The student and guiding faculty member will create a syllabus of course materials and assignments relating to a specific area of study which is not covered by existing course content.

Additional concentrations may be arranged with the prior approval of the student's adviser, the Graduate Chairperson.