1. ART 105 Two-Dimensional Design (4)

Introduces students to visual design including the functions of space, color, shape, value, surface, line and their interrelationships.

2. COM 260 Introduction to Media (4)

History and current trends of media in society including print, motion pictures, radio, television, and Internet. Media theory and business practices are introduced.

3. MSCO 371 Communication Graphics (4)

Production of print media for advertising and public relations including layout, copy and type design,

4. ART 416 Computer Graphic Design (4)

Studies use of computer graphics for creative expression or advertising. Prerequisite: MSCO 371

5. COM 408 Multimedia Production and Authoring (3)

Broad exposure to concepts and skills related to interactive media creation and evaluation, especially information and interaction design. The course integrates skills and concepts learned in traditional media production courses into creation of an interactive presentation such as a Web page. Prerequisite: MSCO 371 or consent of instructor.